Acoustic or Electronic drums - Why you should buy an Electronic Drum Kit

Since their arrival of in the early 1970’s, electronic drum sets have taken a lot of criticism. However, their poor reputation is probably down to personal opinion rather than science and sound quality. For instance, a study found that the communication of emotions was not disturbed by the use of electronic drums (Laukka and Gabrielsson, 2000).

To add to this, advancements in technology have enabled modern E-Drums to produce almost identical sensory feedback when compared with a traditional drum set. Dahl and Bresin (2001) Also proved that a drummer’s ability doesn’t begin to dip until there is a 40-50ms delay between contact with the drums and the resulting sound. Today’s electric drum sets provide instantaneous feedback allowing the best possible drumming experience and no dip in performance according to the above research.

However, there are many more benefits to playing the Electronic drums. I Have compiled the below list to help convince you to join the spark side (Sorry not sorry)

Electronic Drum Afvantages Infographic

Just in case you prefer to read it in text format:

  1. Volume (Quiet) – No more angry letters from your neighbours! Although E-Drums still create some acoustic noise, they are considerably quieter than traditional drums
  2. Portability – You don’t need to be a man (or women) with a van to take your drum kit with you. Electronic drum sets are lightweight, compact and collapsible
  3. Price – Electric drum kits have become very affordable and are very easy to buy. There is no need to even leave your house
  4. Authentic feel – With the advancement of mesh heads for E-Drum kits the feel of an acoustic set has been replicated. With the right drum set it will feel like you’re hitting a traditional drum kit
  5. Sound Versatility – You have instant access to hundreds of different styles of drum sounds instead of to the same sound over and over again with an acoustic set
  6. Featureful – V-Drums are jam packed with useful features for all abilities such as: metronomes, samples, play along songs and recording thanks to their in-built modules
  7. No Microphones – Electric drum sets do not require expensive and timely microphone setups for performances. Sound can instead be produced through MIDI connections
  8. Tuning – There is no need to worry about tuning an electronic drum kit. All the sounds become pre-tuned for ease of use.
  9. Professional Recording in Minutes – With the use MIDI outputs in electric drums it becomes quick and easy to hook your drums up to a laptop and produce professional recordings for clients in 10 minutes
  10. Maintenance – Equipment such as sticks, vinyl brushed, mallets and the drums themselves last significantly longer than their acoustic equivalents