Best E-Drum Kit Under $1,000

4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)
Roland TD-11K

The Roland TD-11K is a popular entry level/mid class electronic drum set used by drummers of all skill levels. It is configured as a standard 5 piece drum set featuring snare, kick, two rack toms, one floor tom, hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal.

Drum Pads

TD-11K Pads M

The Roland PDX-8 mesh snare pad has 2 trigger zones for head and rim shots, including side stick function. This 8” mesh pad is extremely sensitive and picks up every playing nuance. It is also very quiet and delivers a realistic rebound trough to Roland's 2-ply mesh head technology. The white tuning hoops extends the pad to a rim diameter of 10”, for more comfortable rim shots.

The three Roland PD-8A rubber tom pads offer a super accurate triggering. Each of those durable single zone pads comes with a diameter of 8.5”. The flat and compact design is perfect for quick and easy adjustments.

The Roland KD-9 kick pad provides the perfect kick drum feel through to its realistic rebound, coming from the 6” cloth-designed bass drum head. This kick pad is not only very accurate in terms of triggering, but also very solid. It can be used with any single or double pedal.


The Roland CY-5 10” hi-hat cymbal pad features 2 zones for bow and edge triggering, choke functionality and a realistic hi-hat swing. The FD-8 Hi-hat Controller provide the drummer with a stepless transition between open and closed hi-hat position.

Two 12” Roland CY-8 cymbals are used as crash and ride cymbal. Both of these sensitive cymbals feature 2 trigger zones (bell and edge) and are choke-able.


The Roland TD-11 Sound Module is a powerful electronic drum brain with Roland’s SuperNATURAL Sound Engine 'behaviour modelling' technology for an authentic drumming experience.

It contains 50 customizable drum kits, 196 instruments with the typical Roland sound that can be edited into detail, 10 room ambience types and a 4 band equalizer. Play along to 14 internal songs and your own WAV/MP3 files that can be directly imported into the module via USB flash drive. The integrated Rhythm Coach function helps you to improve your timing.

Module M

An audio input makes it possible to play along to songs from your connected smart device, computer or MP3 Player. Use the MIDI OUT or the USB plug to connect the TD-11 to your PC/Mac to trigger your favorite Drum VST for recording projects.

The extra stereo output can be used to send the sounds to a mixing desk or an e-drum monitor.

An additional trigger input makes it possible to expand the kit with one more drum trigger pad. Additionally the TD-11 enables future pad upgrades. It is compatible to Roland VH-11 hi-hat and Roland CY-13R 3-zone ride cymbal.


The TD-11K electronic drum kit comes with the very compact Roland MDS-4V drum rack. A light but sturdy rack, that can easily be folded, stored and transported. It requires a max space of only 1.20m x 1.10m (48” x 44”).


The Roland TD-11K is the best electronic drum set for a budget of 1000$. You do not only get a good quality durable e-drum set that will probably last forever, but also the ability to upgrade pads in future.

Roland is known for providing the most realistic e-drum experience in terms of play feel. Even the entry level pads are very well made and fun to play. The module sounds might not be top of the line, but the ability to heavily customize them, makes it still a great audio experience.

So no matter if you are a beginner or a professional that needs to practice at home. The Roland TD-11K is always a good pick for the money.