Best E-Drum Kit for Apartments

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Roland TD-1KV Review

The Roland TD-1KV is a smart designed compact electronic drum set for quiet practice and drummers with limited setup space. It is configured like any standard 5 piece acoustic drum kit featuring snare, kick, hi-hat, 3x toms, crash and ride. All components of this e-drum set are optimized for very low noise emission, to not disturb anyone around you.

Drum Pads

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The snare pad consists an 8” dual ply mesh head playing surface, a spacer tuning hoop and an outer rim with a diameter of 10” for a better rim shot feel. This compact and small pad is not only quiet but extremely sensitive in terms of dynamic triggering. The 2 trigger zones allow you to play the head, rimshots and sidestick.

The 3 6” tom pads are perfectly integrated into the smart rack design and provide an accurate trigger result while being adjustable in terms of height and angle.


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The hi-hat as well as the crash and ride cymbal pads do each come with a bow and edge trigger zone. Crash and ride cymbals are even choke-able. These 10” Roland CY-5 cymbals are very quiet and extremely durable.

All 3 e-cymbals are attached to height adjustable cymbal poles. The cymbal mounting mechanism provides a realistic swing. The trigger accuracy is perfect for a dynamic play style.


Hi-hat and kick drum pedals are nearly noiseless. The hi-hat controller enables a smooth transition between open and closed hi-hat. The beaterless kick pedal is amazingly sensitive but also very quiet. It is one of the quietest electronic drum kick drum solutions available.

Both pedals are detached from the rest of the setup and allow you flexibility in terms of positioning.The kick drum pedal can be upgraded to a Roland KT-10 or a Roland KD-9 kick tower that can be played with a real single or double bass drum pedal.


The heart of this amazing electronic drum set is the TD-1 Module. It has 15 expressive drum kits in Roland sound quality, 15 on board songs with or without metronome and Roland’s Coach Function with 10 exercises to make you a better drummer.

The USB connector can be used to connect the module to your PC/Mac in case you want to trigger a VST MIDI software for recording projects. The Mix In connector allows you to plug in your MP3 Player, smart device or PC to play along to your favourite songs.

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The cable snare is connected via multi pin connector and features an additional cable for an extra crash cymbal ( Roland OP-TD1C) in case you want to expand the drum set.


All components, except the pedals, are applied to a very compact but steady drum rack. The vertical bars and clamps are height adjustable to make the drum set suitable for all body types from small to tall.


The Roland TD-1KV fulfils the criteria for a perfect apartment e-drum kit. It is a stylish compact electronic drum set with a total weight of only 11.8kg.

Many E-drumsets come with the promise to be quiet and suitable for apartments. Often times people buy a set just to end up disappointed because the electronic drum kit still being too loud for their place. This is not the case with the Roland TD-1KV.

You get decent quality components in combination with low noise pads that offer a very dynamic triggering for a great price.