Best Electronic Drum Set for the Money

4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Roland td-25k

The Roland TD-25 is an advanced mid class electronic drum set that combines high-end trigger technology with affordability. It is configured as a standard 5 piece acoustic drum set, containing snare, bass drum, two rack toms and one floor tom. It comes with hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal pads.

Drum Pads


The 10” Roland PDX-100 dual trigger mesh pad is the perfect snare drum for a high-end E-drum module like the TD-25 module. It is a highly sensitive snare trigger that features Roland’s patented Positional Sensing technology, meaning the pad senses the position of the stick hits. The module will change the sound accordingly to mimic a real snare drum. You can play head strokes, rim shots and side stick.

You will find two 6” and one 8” mesh pads from the Roland PDX Series as toms. These pads contain a white tuning hoop that enlarges the rim diameter to 8” and 10” for a better rimshot playing feel. All 3 of these compact tom-trigger pads feature head and rim trigger zone.

The Roland KD-9 Kick Drum pad has a 6” cloth head for a realistic rebound. The playing surface is big enough for either single or double pedals from various brands. This kick tower is compact but slightly shaky when using it with a double pedal. A drum rug or simply carpet will help to prevent it from sliding.



One of the key components of this entire drum set is the Roland VH-11 hi-hat. This e-cymbal is one of the best and most realistic electronic drum hi-hats yet to exist. It gets mounted onto a real hi-hat stand (not included), features a durable 12“ top cymbal piece and an accurate hi-hat controller. The opening and closing transition is step-less, the 2 playing zones are highly sensitive and the cymbal can even be choked.

The 12” Roland CY-12C Crash is a light and sensitive dual zone crash cymbal pad. Its neighbour is the 13” Roland CY-13R, a triple-zone ride cymbal with bell, bow and edge zone. Both of these cymbals move and behave like real cymbals, are choke-able and fully covered with rubber for the realistic cymbal look.


The Roland TD-25 drum module is an expressive and professional electronic drum brain containing flagship module technology. It is the minimized version of the Roland TD-30 module with a more user-friendly interface and the TD-30’s “SuperNatrual Sound Engine”.

It comes with 18 Customizable drum kits and 200 instruments that can be edited in the fastest way possible, through to the direct editing knobs. Change tuning, muffling and many more parameters until your drum kits match your sound expectations.


A USB connector makes it possible to connect the module to a PC/Mac, to trigger VSTs for recording projects. Plug in a USB flash drive to jam around to your MP3s and WAVs. The audio inputs, the headphone out and the stereo output in combination with the control knobs, make it easy to mix and adjust incoming and outcoming audio.

Use integrated effects like ambience or room sounds to simulate the drum sound of a big stage or a small room. The possibilities are endless.

The Roland TD-25 module combined with the drum pads of the Roland TD-25K set delivers a superb playing result. It can even be expanded with 2 more trigger pads, in case you want to add another tom pad or a second crash cymbal.


The TD-25K contains Roland well known MDS-9 electronic drum rack. This compact but steady drum rack features ball joints for the snare drum mount and both cymbal boom arms for easy adjustability. It comes with strong plastic clamps that hold the tom pads and the module in place. The rack is foldable and allows all kinds of adjustments.


Roland invented a perfect little brother of its flagship drum set Roland TD-30K that is containing high-quality parts for the most dynamic playing styles.

The Positional sensing technology for snare, the flagship module features, the high-end hi-hat plus the realistic 3 zone ride make the TD-25k the best drum kit for its price. This set is worth every single penny. No matter if you are a professional, a studio drummer or a learner, this kit will exceed your expectations in terms of electronic drums.