Best E-Drum Kit for Practice

3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)
Roland TD-4KP

Practicing drums has to do with getting your rhythm sorted, repeating fills and improving playing techniques. The key of becoming a good drummer is a regular practice routine, meaning practicing on a daily basis and learning from and with experienced drummers.

To ensure such a routine, you need to be flexible, as you might have to take the drum set with you more often. Roland developed a perfect electronic drum set for this purpose. The Roland TD-4KP, a portable electronic drum kit that can be quickly folded and transported by one person (you) only.

Drum Pads


The drum set is configured as standard 5 piece kit, meaning it comes with snare, 3 toms, kick, hi-hat, crash and ride. Those are the essentials for every drummer.

Four 6” mono trigger zone rubber pads are snare and tom pads. The triggering is outstanding and the noise produced by those pads is acceptable for most apartments and shared places. The snare pad can be upgraded to a Roland PDX-8 Mesh pad with head and rim trigger zone, but given that we talk about practicing, the snare upgrade might not be necessary at first.

Bass Drum

bass drum2

The kick trigger is integrated into the compact rack system and is compatible with every ordinary single pedal. This is an important feature for a practice drum set, as you need to develop your food pedal playing technique with a real drum pedal, to become a good drummer. A double pedal cannot be used with this kick trigger, but that does not mean double pedals are not compatible with this set. You still have the option to connect an additional Roland KD-7 and chain it with the integrated trigger, in case you really want to add a second kick pedal.

However, the kick pedal produces quite some noise, which could be disturbing to your surroundings. It is not a bad idea to have a spare Roland KT-9 pedal to bring the kick noise down if necessary.



The set comes with a crash, ride and hi-hat cymbal pads, including a hi hat food controller. These 10” V-cymbals are really sensitive and can even be stopped by pressing the edges. The physical movement and the low noise emission make them perfect for practice. The FD-8 hi-hat pedal enables a transition less opening and closing of the hihat.



The Roland TD-4 Drum Module is known from other Roland Middle Class Drum kits, such as the Roland TD-4KV. It is a small but powerful drum module with all essential features for practice, jam sessions and general drumming fun.

It comes with 125 integrated instruments and 25 editable drum kits. You can adjust the pitch and dampening for snare, toms and kick.

Several coach practice  functions help you to improve your skill set.

Check your timing or use the warm up function. Integrated Metronome and the quick record feature improve your skills even faster. Play around to your favourite tracks from your MP3 Player, mixed in via AUX Input. And if you want to show off your new skills, just connect a drum monitor via additional stereo output jack.

The MIDI Output can be connected to a MIDI USB Interface, in case you want to trigger drum VSTs for a recording project or  external sounds.


This unique drum rack is made in a way that it can be folded in only a couple of minutes to make it ready to be transported. The folded drum set is compact enough to get carried away easily with the carrier bag (Roland CB-TDP Custom Carry Case - not included) by only one person.

The set can be stored and moved easily. You can take it simply with you, no matter if you travel by train, car or just work around with it.


The Roland TD-4KP has all the essential components every drummer needs. It is the perfect warmup and practice kit. You can set it up everywhere and quickly move it to other locations. Bring it to your drum teacher or use it at a jam session. The incredible foldability feature make the logistics easy for you.

You will see a quick improvements with your drumming as your little e-drum helper can always be with you.