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Roland TD-50KV review

The Roland TD-50KV is the most advanced electronic drum kit. This flagship e-drum set contains only the very best components. The kit is configured as 5 piece with the modern style “1up-2down”. Meaning it has 1 rack tom and 2 floor toms. It comes with a real size snare, a solid kick drum, the best and most realistic e-drum hi-hat, 2 big crashes and a huge ride cymbal. All shells are wrapped with a chrome drum wrap to match the valuable chrome rack perfectly.


The Roland TD-50 Soundmodule is one of the “E-drum Revolutions 2016”. It is Roland's first electronic drum module with real drum samples, which are basically actual recordings of real drums.

The module is also compatible with Roland’s new digital e-drum pads.

It comes with 100 editable drum kits and all kinds of instruments that can be customized in every little detail. You cannot only change the diameter of a cymbal but also the thickness, sustain and so on. Compressors, EQ and Ambience sounds can be used for individual instruments or the full kit. The editing features are countless and naming them all would exceed this review.

Roland TD-50KV m

The TD-50 has a SD-Card slot for importing additional samples, a USB connector to connect the module to a PC/Mac for direct 10 track recording into a DAW and another USB plug for your flash drive packed with music to play along to.

The module has countless analogue trigger inputs plus 3 “Digital Pad USB Slots” to connect a lot of additional drum pads. It has inputs for your audio device and 8 individual audio outputs that go directly to a mixing desk in case you want to use this beast at a live gig.

Drum Pads

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The PD-140DS snare drum is a 14” real size shell containing the most advanced digital trigger sensor technology. This revolutionary trigger pad has its own intelligence and knows exactly what your hands are doing. The sensors pick up side sticks, rim shots and in general every little playing nuance. Roland patented Positional Sensing technology, where the pad recognizes the spot on which it is hit with a stick, is of course included. The PD-140DS is also the only electronic drum pad that features Roland’s new 3 ply mesh head, for a more realistic rebound and an overall better playing feel. The pad is placed on a real snare stand that comes with the kit. It cannot get more realistic.

The second digital “pad” is the 18” Roland CY-18DR digital ride cymbal. Similar to the snare, it is an intelligent pad that has countless triggers and sensors working together to sense stick positions and your hands. This cymbal does not only feature Positional Sensing for a transitionless playing of various cymbal zones like bell, bow and edge, but also a special choke function that senses the hand hovering over the cymbal. The size and the movement of this cymbal make you believe in paying a real ride cymbal.

Toms and Kick


The Roland TD-50KV comes with a 10” Roland PD-108BC as rack tom and two 12” PD-128BC floor toms. All tom pads feature a 2 ply mesh head and dual-zone trigger technology for head and rim triggering.

The 14” Roland KD-140BC is Roland’s high-end electronic kick drum with the most sensitive trigger sensor and an optimized dampening system for a realistic rebound.

This kick pad is solid as a rock. Its weight and the way it is built make you believe you hit a real bass drum. The chrome look integrates it perfectly into the rest of the setup. You can of course use single or double pedals with the KD-140.



The Roland TD-50KV comes with a unique crash cymbal configuration. It has a 14” Roland CY-14C dual zone crash and Roland’s well-known 15” CY-15R as second dual zone crash. The CY-15R was originally used as ride cymbal trough to its 3 trigger zones.

Both crashes are choke-able and move like real cymbals.

The overall cymbal setup is just perfect, as all cymbals come in different sizes.

To top this, the TD-50KV comes with the very best and most realistic hi-hat cymbal pad.

The Roland VH-13 is a 12” 2 piece hi-hat that is mounted onto a real hi-hat stand. It has 2 trigger zones, is choke-able and features not only a stepless opening/closing transition but an additional “Pitch Feature”. Meaning you press the closed hats harder to increase the pitch of the hi-hat sound. This feature is unique to the Roland VH-13 hi-hat and does only work with certain Roland modules.

The VH-13 hi-hat cymbal is incredibly sensitive over the whole playing surface. There is literally no difference to an acoustic hi-hat anymore.

Drum Rack

You should have already noticed that Roland took only the best of the best in terms of gear, to build this beast of an electronic drum set. So it is no surprise that even the rack is a genius piece of hardware.

The Roland MDS-50KV is a steady chrome rack with cables inside the rack tube to provide a clean look. All clamps and cymbal mounts are flexible enough to adjust the pads and cymbals in every way possible.


You probably know this feeling from driving a car. There are the entry-level cars that are ok to drive but are not really great and you have high-end cars where you just feel that you are sitting inside something valuable. This is what you get with the TD-50KV. A highly sensitive e-drum set that feels just perfect, consisting only the best and most valuable components for the very best playing experience. This is not only the best electronic drum-set you can buy for the money but a tool for professionals and serious musicians.