Best Electronic Drum Set for Beginners

4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)
Yamaha DTX 400K - M

The Yamaha DTX400K can be enjoyed by all levels of drummers but is predominantly aimed at beginners looking to learn the drums. The kit has a unique feature that talks you through the basics, they claim its like having your very own drum teacher. The brand produces notoriously high level instruments and although E-drum aren't their forte, this kit is no exception to that level of quality.

Drum Pads


The full size kit contains a snare and 3 toms, all of which are single zone. However you can upgrade to a 3-zone snare in the future if your heart desires. Despite the low price, the rubber pads are very receptive triggering system and provide a good level of rebound.

They're nothing too special, but for an entry level kit the drum pads provide decent enough sound, feel and triggering in a standard setup. They are more than capable of improving a prospective drummers ability to a high level.




The HH65 remote hi-hat is capable of half open pedal and splash sounds. The 10-inch cymbals are realistic in terms of size and feel due to their size and lightweight design. Their design and look are somewhat unique with a section cut out. The ability to customize the layout of cymbals is vital, the adjustable rack allows you to change the height and angle of the cymbals and drums.

The KU100 kick pedal is newly designed to reduce noise substantially. The new silent pedal is beaterless and provides good spring.


The brain of the DTX400k is where this drum kit comes into its own. It includes 10 drum kit noises, 10 play-along songs and 10 drum lessons.

However, perhaps the most important element for budding E-Drum enthusiasts is the 'voice guidance' system inherent in the interactive training functions. This is aimed at improving accuracy, endurance and timing.

The module also provides good connectivity options via USB, MIDI and even has a iOS app to aid with recording, learning etc. The built in metronome is also a useful addition



All components, except the pedals, are affixed to a simplistic, easy to put together rack. The rack limits the positioning of the two middle toms a little.  However, the majority of the kit is adjustable to enable you to achieve a personalized layout.

The bonus of this kit is its ability to be upgraded and expanded upon.


The Yamaha DTX400K had been optimized for the beginner. The intuitive setup which incorporates a smart module capable of giving voice guidance and feedback is perfect for those looking to learn and improve their skills.

The pad and cymbal hardware is by no means top end, but certain elements can be upgraded as you rise the drumming ranks. To summarize, the set incorporates a standard, intuitive setup to help you learn without a hefty price tag